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What to look out for when shopping for your kid’s clothing!

What to look out for when shopping for your kid’s clothing!
Kids grow so fast and do so many different things that choosing the right clothes for them might make your head spin! But we believe in keeping it simple and just considering 4 key factors - sizing, comfort, mix & match, and the child’s opinion. Let’s explore why these factors are essential.  



Kids grow so fast that it’s hard to pick the right size! It’s always too baggy or too tight. While a good rule of thumb is to buy clothes one bigger to ensure long-term use, there are other options to consider. 

For example, many parents consider stretchable fabrics that will adjust to their kids’ rapid growth. 

If you’re unsure about the exact size, selecting clothing with slightly longer sleeves and pants can be a good idea. You can roll up the cuffs initially and then gradually unroll them as your child grows taller. This approach keeps your child looking sharp while extending the usability of the clothing. 



Children lead active lives filled with play, exploration, and constant movement. Hence, comfort should be a top priority when selecting their clothing. 

Go for soft and breathable fabrics and loose-fitting clothes that keep your kid comfortable while they run around.

 Avoid scratchy tags, or synthetic fabric because that could lead to skin irritation and an overall bad day.

 Comfortable clothing allows kids to focus on their activities without unnecessary distractions.

Mix & Match 


While we all love coordinated outfits, the truth is, kids’ clothes go through a lot of wear and tear on the playground. One spill or tumble into the mud can ruin an adorable shirt -  but don’t let the pants go with it! 

It’s a good idea to choose clothes that can be paired with many items in your kid’s closet. Picking clothes in complementary colours and patterns gives you an endless amount of outfit combinations, and will surely save you a lot of hassle when you’re trying to make sure your little ones look their best! 

Kid's Opinion 


Kids are developing thoughts, emotions and opinions every day. Involving them in their clothes shopping empowers them, encourages independent thinking and boosts their self-esteem. 

Encourage your kid to express their preferences - whether it's a colour, style or character on a T-shirt. 

By considering their choices, you promote their sense of identity and personality. When children feel good about what they’re wearing, they are confident, comfortable and happy! 

So, finding the perfect clothing for your child involves more than just picking the right size or the trendiest clothes. Prioritising sizing comfort and the child’s opinion creates a good balance between functionality and expression. 

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Remember, it’s not just about what they wear, but how they feel when they wear it!